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Electric wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs

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Quickie Jive - Electric...

€6,874.55 Price

The Quickie electric wheelchair is a chair Jive completely modular, designed to fully adjust to the needs of the user, lifestyle, and environment. Excellent outdoor performance without sacrificing maneuverability indoors.

Cod SS 12212703

Dragon Vertic - Silla de...

€4,554.55 Price

Compact electronic standing chair.
Engines 6 km / h, 60 Ah batteries.
Support multiajustable knees soft side shields and lap belt included.
Rear wheel suspensions.

Invacare Pronto M61...

€2,595.45 Price

A new way to approach mobility. With electric wheelchair Invacare Pronto M61 achieves high maneuverability in tight spaces and allows electric lift seat up to 12cm.

Otto Bock Xeno, electric...

€11,909.09 Price

The electric wheelchair allows Otto Bock Xeno standing feature unique and innovative steering wheel one S3 (Single Servo Steering), greater mobility and independence in everyday life. The seat position can be adjusted to the patient's needs with a few changes, without special tools.

Quickie Salsa - electronic...

€3,840.91 Price

The new Quickie Salsa is the ideal chair to move over rough terrain, to overcome obstacles and ramps up thanks to its robust construction, its power and its large wheels. Also to move freely indoors by combining a minimum height of seat to ground with a very small total width.

Electronic wheelchair...

€4,681.82 Price

Electronic wheelchair rigid chassis with suspension and rear wheel drive. Use outdoor majority, but its small size also allows use indoors. Electronic ACS II.

Electronic Aids Chair R220...

€2,018.18 Price

The electric wheelchair R220 stands for reliability, versatility, power, elegance and comfort.

This model of power wheelchair is designed so that nothing can resist you, ni long distances, harsh terrain, steep slopes, over obstacles ... are a problem for the R220 chair.

Try it, you'll be amazed!


Provision Code 12212703


Electric wheelchair R120 -...
  • On sale!

Electric wheelchair R120 -...

€1,286.36 Price

The R120 electric chair represents the next generation of compact and lightweight electric chairs. New model

Payment Code 12212703

Salsa M2 - Electric Wheelchair

€3,840.91 Price

Salsa M2 stands out for its smooth and intuitive driving, as well as offering excpetional driving results both indoors and outdoors.

Removable lightweight...

€2,054.55 Price

The GPR Ultralight is a lightweight chair electric wheel small size, suitable for all spaces. Very manageable and high quality.

Invacare Pronto Air
  • Reduced price

Invacare Soon Air

€2,290.91 Regular price €2,590.91 Price

Invacare Soon Air
Mobility, innovation and unique design
Soon the new Air will enter a new dimension in mobility, autonomy and design.
This chair has reduced overall length, ideal for indoor use.

R400 electric wheelchair

The R400 Wheel chair provides a unique versatility of use in the market thanks to its traction in both directions, and electronic seat lift.

Jive Up - Electric...

Electric wheelchair Jive-Up

Discover the new power chair Quickie Jive UP.Combinando the advantages of maneuverability and performance of the JIVE M
with central drive but with a multiposition seat, allowing you to take the position that you need at every moment.

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