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Air cushions

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Smart Check Roho

€180.99 Price

Smart Check allows the user Roho Roho cushion check in real time the correct inflation of the cushion, just by pressing a button. And got more confidence, autonomy and tranquility.

Smart Check Roho is only valid for Roho cushions Sensor Ready (not included) and incorporating a fast connection and are available in medium profile high profile.


€263.64 Price

Its therapeutic efficacy in the prevention of pressure ulcers has been clinically proven. Flexible cells connected together and better distributed decreasing pressures, and facilitate the circulation of blood in the capillaries.

Roho cushion Select® QUADTRO

€446.28 Price

Select® QUADTRO pad combines the qualities of positioning, skin protection and stability. Each user can benefit from a personalized fit pad with the flick of a button.

Cushion Roho Contour Select®

Contour Select® Roho cushion provides the skin protection expected of a ROHO® product positioning and stability needed to increase its functionality.
Roho cushion Enhancer®
  • Online only

Roho cushion Enhancer®

€486.36 Price

Enhancer® Roho cushion is equipped with 2 valves that regulate 2 separate, exterior and interior compartments.

Roho cushion Sofflex®

€256.20 Price

Sofflex® Roho cushion, designed to fit properly and to provide the ideal skin protection for each patient.

Roho cushion Mosaic®

The Mosaic® Roho cushion composed of interconnected air cells 7.5 cm polyvinyl is intended for users who need a slight skin protection.

Roho cushion anatomical...

Anatomical Airlite® Roho cushion combines the benefits of an air bearing in the rear and pre-patterned base foam allow postural provide proper support and optimum durability.
Therapeutic cushion ROHO®
  • On sale!

Therapeutic cushion ROHO®

€470.25 Price

The therapeutic pad ROHO® comprises interconnected air cells that provide adjustment and low deformation against the ambient pressure, which helps the healing of ischemic ulcers.

Roho cushion Minimax

€395.87 Price

The Minimax of ROHO® pad is a simple pad handy, lightweight. It is designed for the active individual with low risk of ulcer presión.Proporciona shock absorption and significant impacts, in addition to skin protection and stability.

Roho Adaptor Pad

The air inside the factory preset cell padding SPRING AIR ADAPTOR pad® can be used on virtually any flat or contoured surface to protect the soft tissues.

Heal Pad®

Heal Pad® provides an appropriate therapeutic environment, which helps prevent and accelerates the healing of pressure ulcers in the heel and elbow.

Shower pad

€525.00 Price
ROHO® shower pad is designed for shower chairs and toilet, offering the benefits of technology DRY FLOATATION

Roho cushion Sensor Ready...

€495.41 Price

The cushion Roho Sensor Ready can be used as a traditional Roho cushion or the Smart Check (not included) to verify the correct inflation of the cushion. Available in high profile (10 cm.) And average profile (8 cm.) And can be manufactured in action special.

Sedens 500 anti-decubitus...

€258.00 Price

Ideal for prevention (very high risk) and treatment of pressure ulcers of grade III and IV in the sacrum area in people with reduced mobility.

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