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Pediatric Interior Chairs

Pediatric Interior Chairs

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Maxi Madita Chair

Madita Madita Maxi completes the program and is the ideal everyday chair - also in the field of geriatrics.

Dalmatian chair

DALMATIAN is popularly used in the rehabilitation process. It is recommended not only for children but also for young people. It is used as a rehabilitation chair at the stage of sitting and later as a static stander.

Fun Madita chair Interior

Fun madita extends the benefits of therapeutic Madita seat, allowing the seat height can be adjusted to ground level. This option makes it much easier to integrate children in support of early learning, child care, schools and at home.

Madita chair Interior

At school or at home therapeutic chair Madita get the positioning that every child needs: an upright, controlled and functional thanks to its range of individually adjustable seat and its multi-level control accessories trunk, pelvis and leg position.

Jumbo chair

Jumbo rehabilitation chair is designed to start sitting, with 3 sizes can be used from early care to patients 75 kg.

Smilla chair

Smilla is adapted to the child's growth, thanks to the resolution of the seat depth, back height and base of the footrest.

Zebra chair

Zebra rehabilitation chair has been designed from early attention to young people in a sitting position or supine.

Chair Multiseat

As with all products Jenx, Multiseat was designed with therapists and caregivers to make the system more convenient, comfortable, functional and flexible seat possible.

Junior pediatric chair

Junior offers children a wide range of configurations to be active and integrated with the other children. Its unique design provides excellent stability of the pelvis, the ischial hollow and helps prevent the child from sliding down in the seat.

Indoor chair Bee

Specifically designed to appeal to very young children and their families, Bee was developed together with therapists and caregivers, making the first system for a child seat is cheerful and in turn have a correct support in the sitting position.

Activity Chair

Activity Chair is a perfect chair for active sitting position for feeding, speech therapy, active learning and for patients with sensory processing problems. Many parents also realize that the need at home.

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