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Stabilizing anchors

Stabilizing anchors

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€38.18 Price

Orthotic ankle stabilizer made in velor fabric high strength foam liner (POROMAX®) and antibacterial treatment (THERMYTEX), breathable, provided with medial and lateral reinforcements.


€20.91 Price

Sock-type ankle made of breathable knit elastic fabric by means of soft and very resistant flat knit, includes elastic band crossed in eight.


€14.55 Price

Anklet 3mm neoprene with Velcro adjustment open at the top. Elastic strap with velcro adjustment and velor to control pronation and supination of the ankle.



€25.45 Price

Ankle strap in 3 mm neoprene with crossed band and removable internal and external plastic malleolar plates. Since a wrong placement could cause chafing and discomfort the two plates are identified.


€15.45 Price

The one-size-fits-all stabilizing ankle allows the tension to be controlled by means of adjustment bands that favor a perfect adaptation both in the instep and in the calcaneus. It is made of 2 mm astrakhan neoprene, with thermal properties that relieve pain and also promote recovery and maintenance of joint flexibility. It is lightweight and comfortable for daily use.


€23.64 Price

An open 3mm neoprene ankle with velcro adjustment on the upper part, elastic band and stabilizing mid-side whales. Bilateral ankle with zip fastening system, facilitating the placement on swollen ankles and in people with weakness in the ankle such as rheumatoid arthritis etc.


€30.00 Price

Ankle stabilizer made of breathable semi-rigid fabric and designed to be able to choose different indications depending on the configuration by which we choose since we can differentiate three types of components: conventional ankle, ankle with pronosupinadora strap, and ankle with webs and malleolar plates (internal and externally identified).


€10.00 Price

Breathable elastic line made of very resistant and soft elastic fabric, which gives the garments greater comfort. This fabric offers compression and flexibility in 4 senses, which gives the orthosis a better adaptation. All Orliman Elastic garments include a strategically placed neoprene padding for added protection. (Heat effect).


€15.45 Price

Made of breathable elastic material, thin, lightweight, very resistant and soft, which gives the garment greater comfort. - Very elastic band for an individual fit. - Individual closure system in micro-hook, achieving a selective tension. -The light and thin fabric allows a perfect adaptation in the footwear.

AIR VALFEET stabilizer...

€73.22 Price
Stabilizing orthosis for ankle control, consisting of two thermoplastic shells hinged supported maleolares plant and inflatable liners

Cross-elastic ankle beige

€21.14 Price
Anklet sock type manufactured from breathable stretch fabric through the soft spot and very resistant flat knitting, cross elastic band includes eight.

ELASTIC ANKLE viscoelastic...

€35.33 Price
Made of stretch fabric breathable knit by knitting plane, it includes two viscoelastic pads anatomically shaped compression redistribute

Special template for...

€13.50 Price
Consisting of a base velor adhesive sheet provided with a micro hook on which a staff of square cells urethane material sticks

Orthoses for treating...

€25.50 Price
Orthotics designed for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, consisting of an anatomical velor band that closes over the upper ankle


€52.73 Price

Bivalve ankle orthosis in rigid thermoplastic, equipped with foam inner pad with memory and gel bags for cold therapy. The design of the orthosis allows the use of it only with foam pads or in the case that we are interested in applying a cold therapy we can introduce the gel bags through the window that has the foam pad lining, adapting correctly.

Elastic ankle with Achilles...

€36.27 Price
Made of breathable knit elastic fabric by means of flat knitting and anatomical design. The lower area of the heel is low profile, making it more comfortable and imperceptible.

Orliman BCS900 stabilizing...

€36.36 Price
Orliman stabilizing ankle BCS900 Fixquick BOA® made of breathable semi-rigid fabric, with Boa® closure system, which provides an adjustable adjustment in a quick and easy way. The gradual adjustment provides adequate protection and stabilization of the ankle. It incorporates anatomically designed medial and lateral reinforcements providing excellent anversive-inversion control of the ankle-foot. Padded internal fabric that provides comfort and maximum adaptation.

Orliman TGO490 Therago...

€25.00 Price

Breathable functional elastic ankle brace of three-dimensional point. No seams, which allows comfortable use and prevents annoying friction.

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