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Shoulder and Clavicle

Shoulder and Clavicle

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€10.00 Price

Made with breathable honeycomb fabric in the shape of a bag for the elbow and forearm. It has an adjustment band that allows to adjust the height of the arm with protective shoulder pad in neoprene.

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€22.73 Price

Support made in velor-shaped bib for the forearm that wraps and closes on itself allowing height adjustment. It extends with two bands on each side of the shoulders, run down the back and close on the forearm with velcro. It has an additional 15 cm shoulder immobilizer broadband for subluxations or dislocations of the scapulohumeral joint and when strong immobilization is required.

Orliman TGO330 Therago...

€35.00 Price

Functional elastic shoulder strap made of breathable elastic fabric with three-dimensional knit. No seams, which allows comfortable use and prevents annoying friction.

Positioning orthosis 90 °...

€90.00 Price
Made of breathable honeycomb fabric allows air circulation to avoid possible irritation. The support arm is made of tissue Poromax®

Immobilizer clavicle padding

€17.39 Price

The new model of restraint clavicle IC 30, presents significant improvements in both comfort and design for adaptation and regulation.

Sling band

€10.23 Price
Composed of a forearm support attached to a strap that goes through the back of the neck.
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€85.45 Price

Made of breathable honeycomb fabric allows free circulation of air thus avoiding possible irritation. Its design allows the control of external rotations being able to regulate its limitations thanks to the anti-rotational strap. The opening of the front panel allows for elbow exercises. Hand exercise ball whose function is to maintain muscle tone of the hand and improve blood flow. Abductor cushion in foam of 15 ° / 30 ° in abduction designed for the maximum comfort of the patient.

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