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Jewett Hyper-Extension Frame

Jewett Hyper-Extension Frame

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€122.73 Price

3 points of support (pectoral, suprapubic, dorsolumbar). Lightweight aluminum frame. Mobile sternal plate. Regulation of height at the level of the lateral control plates


€113.64 Price

Different morphotypes of patients requiring the adaptation of a Jewett type hyper-extension frame require a personalized adaptation of the pectoral support, where due to an excess of kyphosis or morphologies such as pectus in keel etc, they require an angular variation of the pectoral support , For a correct adaptation.

Marco hyper-extension of...

€126.36 Price
3 support points (chest, suprapubic, thoracolumbar). Lightweight aluminum structure. Mobile sternal plate. Height adjustment to level the side control plates.

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