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Rehabilitation Strollers, infant walkers, standers, tricycles, chassis, interior chairs, car seats, manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs, scooters, anti-decubitus cushions, supports the elderly, beds, ramps
RehaGirona is a leading company in the field of assistive technologies since 1999. Dealer brands as Roho, Progeo, Vermeiren, Schuchmann, Patron, Tumble Forms, Rolko, Akces Med, Feal, Excellent Systems. Strollers rehabilitation, infant walkers, standers, tricycles, chassis, chairs interior, car seats, chairs manual and powered wheelchairs, scooters, anti-decubitus cushions, supports the elderly, beds, ramps and many other products that can help us from day to day.

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Activity Chair

Activity Chair is a perfect chair for active sitting position for feeding, speech therapy, active learning and for patients with sensory processing problems. Many parents also realize that the need at home.

Adjustable mattress Body Map K

BODYMAP K are adjustable mattresses to the patient's anatomy. To provide full support to the wearer, especially if it has deformities, greatly increases the effective surface pressure distribution.

Aerolight ramp Broadfold

€702.48 Price

The ramp Aerolight Broadfold is an added plus to Aerolight range. A simple and inexpensive ramp scooter, useful for multiple uses.

Car seat Recaro Monza 2

The new Recaro Monza Reha Nova 2 has a new design of high-quality upholstery, safer, lightweight and easy to attach and move thanks to improvements in the swivel base.

Car seat Recaro Sport

The Reha Sport Recaro seat is safe, lightweight, easy to install and move thanks to its swivel base, designed to grow with the child from Class I to Class III and a wide range of accessories.

Cat 2 Children Bipestador

Cat 2 allows standing and the prone or supine. Certainly, any of its positions are very beneficial for the development of children.

Chair Multiseat

As with all products Jenx, Multiseat was designed with therapists and caregivers to make the system more convenient, comfortable, functional and flexible seat possible.

Chassis, mobile base Tina

Tina is a mobile base or chassis designed to allow placement of postural beds. The lifting system by an electric piston facilitates care and therapeutic activities.

Compact, lightweight...

Finn chassis is comparable to a stroller and offers the possibility of a chassis for special seats, thanks to the smaller depth.

Crane Sololift

Sololift transfer is a crane that can be used both as standing lift, a world of new opportunities for users with disabilities and prevent back injuries by their caregivers.

Cushion Roho Contour Select®

Contour Select® Roho cushion provides the skin protection expected of a ROHO® product positioning and stability needed to increase its functionality.

Dalmatian chair

DALMATIAN is popularly used in the rehabilitation process. It is recommended not only for children but also for young people. It is used as a rehabilitation chair at the stage of sitting and later as a static stander.

Folding ramp Aerolight...

By design Aerolight Lifestyle has been established as one of the most innovative market ramps. This unique model is split folding ramp into two halves, which provide it with great lightness and ease of storage.

Fun Madita chair Interior

Fun madita extends the benefits of therapeutic Madita seat, allowing the seat height can be adjusted to ground level. This option makes it much easier to integrate children in support of early learning, child care, schools and at home.

Heal Pad®

Heal Pad® provides an appropriate therapeutic environment, which helps prevent and accelerates the healing of pressure ulcers in the heel and elbow.

Indoor chair Bee

Specifically designed to appeal to very young children and their families, Bee was developed together with therapists and caregivers, making the first system for a child seat is cheerful and in turn have a correct support in the sitting position.

Infant walker Flux

Flux is a back walkway that facilitates natural movement. Free walk in the direction of any structural part of the Flux encourages upright posture and helps to walk naturally.

Jumbo chair

Jumbo rehabilitation chair is designed to start sitting, with 3 sizes can be used from early care to patients 75 kg.

Junior pediatric chair

Junior offers children a wide range of configurations to be active and integrated with the other children. Its unique design provides excellent stability of the pelvis, the ischial hollow and helps prevent the child from sliding down in the seat.

Madita chair Interior

At school or at home therapeutic chair Madita get the positioning that every child needs: an upright, controlled and functional thanks to its range of individually adjustable seat and its multi-level control accessories trunk, pelvis and leg position.

Malte walker Children

The new Malte is further walker that helps children with walking difficulties and stay in balance, while allowing them to move independently without help from others.

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