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Infant orthotics

Infant orthotics

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Immobilizer Collarbone

€17.25 Price
Manufactured comb, curl and foam padded with neoprene covers on the straps, pins on the back and closures microgancho to adjust the tension of the brace.

Pediatric Immobilizer Sling...

€15.75 Price
Made with breathable fabric and terry honeycomb shaped bag elbow and forearm, it has a Velcro system in microgancho with which we can regulate the length of the link,

Pediatric Sling

€14.85 Price
Children Cabetsrillo manufactured honeycomb breathable fabric and bag-shaped curl elbow and forearm, it has a locking system microgancho with which we can adjust the length of the strut

Pediatric Wristband

€8.25 Price
Pediatric Wrist Honeycomb manufactured from breathable and elastic velor, has a locking system velcro strap for regulating the compression

Wrist immobilizer

€16.20 Price
Wrist splint pediatric drawn up on the inside with honeycomb and outside with felt, breathable. It includes a malleable aluminum palmar splint that immobilizes the wrist joint

Wrist Thumb abduction

€13.35 Price
Wristband manufactured from breathable and elastic material that regulates compression and tension exerted on the thumb depending on the needs of each patient.

Accessories Thumb

€4.43 Price
Composed of an aluminum plate, allowing us if necessary to immobilize the thumb joint.

Pediatric Elbow

€16.50 Price
Pediatric Elbow breathable fabric made with honeycomb inside and curl abroad, including fastening strap.

Elbow immobilizer without...

€34.50 Price

Immobilizer pediatric elbow made on the inside and outside terry and velor honeycomb, breathable, rigid rear and side plates aluminum, closed with a simple system of microgancho.

Umbilical truss

€13.50 Price
The pediatric umbilical truss is made of Lycra-velor foam padding and breathable.

Knee immobilizer

€35.25 Price
The pediatric immobilizer knee brace is made on the inside of the outer loop and breathable honeycomb.

Padded knee

€23.85 Price
Children knee manufactured inside with breathable honeycomb and outside with felt (both elastic), has a previous pad that protects the knee

Ankle support

€16.20 Price
Breathable elastic ankle, made on the inside with honeycomb outer velor (both elastic)

Harness Kallabis

€58.50 Price
Kallabis harness is made with honeycomb fabric, terry, velor and Velcro microgancho. Allows standing and the start of the march.

Pavlik harness

€67.50 Price
Orthoses for patients up to two years, with suspenders and overalls made of velor and velor booties thermoforming; straps passing over the shoulders are padded with neoprene sheaths to protect baby's shoulders

Walker pediatric

€49.50 Price
Designed in a lightweight, durable plastic structure, which has a padded area at the bottom that protects the foot and malleoli of the ankle, while increasing the feeling of comfort.

Pediatric semi-rigid collar

€10.91 Price
Made of polyurethane foam with a height of 5 to 6.5 cm, reinforcement of polyethylene band, velcro back closure and anatomical design, provided with washable additional cover of blue color 100% Cotton. The pediatric cervical collar has been manufactured specifically for patients of infantile age and therefore, its design adapts perfectly to the physical characteristics of these patients.

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