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Walkers - Walkers - Rolators - Walking Frames

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Double folding aluminum...

Folding walker with four wheels and height adjustable, lightweight and easy to fold. The four wheels make that minimal effort is required during operation.

Provision Code 12060003

Aluminum Fixed Walker

Folding and very light. Overall width 58 cm. Adjustable height of 79-91 cm. Total weight 2.5 kg. Maximum weight supports 100 kg.

Provision Code 12060003

Tram mobility device

Tram is a mobility device that combines the transfer of sitting or standing (lift), assisted standing and walking for all patients. Intuitive for caregivers and perfect for a safe working environment.

Walker for the beach Walker...

Walker for the beach, field and areas where the terrain is irregular, paved, sandy, etc.Andator for the beach, field and areas where the terrain is irregular, paved, sandy, etc.

Futura folding rollator

The Apex Futura Rollator keeps its users active. Thanks to its four wheels and its light aluminum structure, it allows longer displacements. It is the Rollator with the most modern and complete design in the range.

Stander Supine Stander

The Jenx supine stander is a robust and easy to use stander. It provides support and security unmatched in three sizes. It is suitable for children from 9 months and adults up to 100 kg.

Smart stander

The new Smart is more modern, is made with high quality materials and provides more stability.

Mobile stander Todd

The body supports can be adjusted in height, width and depth, allowing adaptation to the growth of the child.

Rear cricket walker

The cricket walkerit is designed to help and / or facilitate the autonomous movement of the child and the adult.
Its original design and its patented height adjustment system make it unique in terms of safety and elegance.
Its wide range of regulations and its wide range of supports make it easily adaptable to the different needs and characteristics of the user.

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